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For this project, we were asked to select a location on campus, to survey it, and to make a white card model.


We were then asked to 'transform' the location, to create a technical drawing of this new set, to build a color model of it, and to create a 3D sign-prop that might be found in the set.

Grade: A

1:25 tech drawing + model of original design

ual : year 1


japanese ryokan

ryokan 1.png
ryokan 2.png
ryokan 3.png
ryokan 4.png
ryokan 5.png
ryokan 6.png
ryokan 7.png
ryokan 8.png
ryokan 9.png
ryokan 10.png
ryokan 11.png
ryokan 12.png
ryokan 13.png
ryokan 14.png
ryokan 15.png
ryokan 16.png
ryokan 17.png
ryokan 18.png
ryokan 19.png
ryokan 20.png
ryokan 21.png
ryokan 22.png
ryokan 23.png
ryokan 24.png
ryokan 25.png
ryokan 26.png
ryokan 27.png
ryokan 28.png
ryokan 29.png
ryokan 30.png
ryokan 31.png
ryokan 32.png
ryokan 33.png
ryokan 34.png
ryokan 35.png
ryokan 36.png
ryokan 37.png
ryokan 38.png
ryokan 39.png
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